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If you want to use a decorative front panel it is not necessary to sew this marker stitch, I have just done so to show an alternative solution though I did find it helped me fit my front panel . This grey material is approximately 1.3m wide so I am going to make two wraps out of it. I laid out the material and using some pegs and pins have marked a middle line which I have then cut down the middle line to create two wraps, approximately 65cm wide each. The wrap needs to be approximately between 60-70cm wide so most lengths of fabrics will be able to make at least two wraps. Best practice advice is to make sure you have 6m, once you have got it home before you do anything else, give the fabric a wash so you can account for any shrinkage. A Moby wrap for example, is 5.5m long, but this is just a guide.

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  • Look for 5% spandex or lycra and 95% cotton like this adorable print.
  • It’s as simple as laying them in a comfortable, cocoon-like position and whipping out your breast to feed them while you get things done.
  • Any mom who has dealt with a colicky baby knows that feeling of desperation you get when your baby starts crying and nothing seems to make it stop.
  • Most buckle carrier brands make covers designed for their specific carrier.
  • The Jarazin Babywearing Fleece is a 3-in-1 long-sleeve top.
  • When selecting baby clothes, make your decision based primarily on practical factors.
  • In our testing, our favorite wrap style was the “Newborn hug” hold, which gives some really nice support for a newborn, with a nice acute angle to make contact with mom in all the right places.

What’s great about this wrap is that you can use it right from womb to unusual gifts for 4 year old boy wrap. There’s no waiting period like other baby wearing brands (e.g. waiting for baby to be at a specific weight or age). I decided to try it out when I discovered Solly Baby on Instagram.

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If you decide to use a baby carrier, take your baby with you when you buy it to make sure it’s a safe fit for them. If your partner is going to wear the carrier too, it needs to be adjustable to fit both of you as well. If the shop assistant can’t tell you about it and show you how to use it safely, go somewhere else.

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One of the VBEs will welcome everyone, introduce the volunteers, and explain how the carriers are organized. Then you can browse carriers, try them on, and get help from a VBE. This time doubles as a playdate for your child, and you might just make some friends in the process! At any point in the meeting, you can sign up to become a member. We usually have about 60 minutes for testing the carriers and asking questions. An attribute used to describe a wrap that carries the weight of the baby very well without becoming uncomfortable .

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Usually, the first time you pick up a wrap you don’t know how to tie it properly. But tying properly is important to ensure safe babywearing. Very helpful are precise instructions and some practice as well as consulting a babywearing consultant.

As parents ourselves, we know what it’s like carrying and caring for your baby, so we only stock items that we trust. We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company, with local and international suppliers. All of our products have a satisfaction guarantee because we care about your journey into parenthood.

We would LOVE for you to join us as a Volunteer Babywearing Educator or a Chapter Support Volunteer ! More leaders would mean more meetings, more folks available to assist at meetings, and a stronger and more vibrant BWI chapter. Becoming a CSV requires an online training and meeting with your local chapter leader. CSVs do not teach babywearing but support the chapter in many other ways. If you are interested in joining us as a VBE or CSV, please contact us at