One of the most common, and easily accessible, is the reload bonus

One of the most common, and easily accessible, is the reload bonus

Essentially this is a match deposit bonus. Unlike the welcome offer for this type of bonus, reload bonuses don’t tend to match quite as much. Usually, these are around a 50% match and there’s always a minimum deposit required.

In some cases, this can be relatively high, which means it’s important to shop around and see if you can find a casino that has good reload bonuses with lower minimum deposits. As mentioned, this type of reload bonus will be offered with varying regularity. Some casinos will offer it on a specific day each week, while others will have it as a monthly option.

High roller bonuses

Most deposits across the board are aimed at the average player. But what if you have a bigger bankroll you’d like to spend. Well, there are high roller bonuses out there too. Most online casinos make sure that they cater to the high rollers as they have the potential to bring in a lot of money.

Most high roller bonuses will operate on the exact same lines as regular bonuses. These tend to be match deposit bonuses too and will have a minimum deposit value and maximum bonus limit. The big difference here is in how much those limits are. Usually, a high roller bonus will have a substantially higher minimum deposit requirement. Equally though, the maximum bonus will be a lot higher meaning the upper eligible deposit limit is also higher.

While high rollers will be able to reap the bonus reward on larger single deposits, often the casino will only match this at a lower percentage. High roller deposits will often be matched at 50% rather than the more common 100% seen for regular match deposit bonuses.

Banking bonuses

Some casinos will also offer specific bonuses based on the banking method used. However, it’s also important to note that this can work both ways. In fact, some casinos will not award a bonus when a specific banking method is used. This is frequently related to the use of Neteller, PayPal or Skrill. It is, therefore, very important that you check this out prior to selecting your payment method when claiming a bonus.

For bonuses that are linked to a banking option, the method linked will be entirely dependent on the casino. Some will offer cryptocurrency bonuses, others for mobile pay deposits and so on. Taking on one of these types of banking bonuses may actually see you getting an even bigger match deposit bonus, which makes this type of option worth looking out for.

Loyalty bonuses

Finally, there are loyalty or VIP bonuses and programmes. These are aimed at all players, not just VIPs or high rollers. The type of loyalty programme will depend on the casino though. There are some that you will need to apply to enter. Often this means you must have met a specific deposit requirement over a period of time in order to qualify.

However, there’s a much more common loyalty programme and this is the automatic entry version. This type of loyalty programme includes all players whether they want to join or not. Essentially, you join the programme as soon as you make a real money bet.

For each real money bet you make, you will accrue points. How many points you accrue per pound wagered will depend entirely on the casino and their specific programme. Systems like this will have various tiers or levels. As you earn points through playing you will reach specific point milestones. This will help you move up through the levels within the programme.

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