Every actor who will be in the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot, ‘And Just Like That. ‘

Every actor who will be in the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot, ‘And Just Like That. ‘

Sarah Jessica Parker will be returning as writer and designer shoe enthusiast Carrie Bradshaw.

On January 10, former “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker, along with other cast members, posted a teaser trailer for the next installment in the series on Instagram.

Immediately, longtime fans were quick to share their excitement for the https://hookupdate.net/charmdate-review/ new installment, with Parker’s post alone receiving over 1 million likes in less than 24 hours.

Cynthia Nixon will be reprising her role as corporate lawyer Miranda Hobbes.

Nixon, who received a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress in Netflix’s “Ratched,” will be returning to the reboot, she announced on social media.

Since the original show aired, Nixon has continued to act while being active in politics. A member of the New York chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, Nixon ran against Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York’s Democratic pri. Though she lost the primary, she has remained a staunch figure in progressive politics.

Kristin Davis will be returning to the role of Charlotte York-Goldenblatt.

Davis played the role of New York gallerist Charlotte York-Goldenblatt in all six seasons of the show and in the two feature films.

Not much is known about her character’s arc in the reboot. However, it can likely be assumed that her story will pick up where the final movie left off as she raises her two daughters, Lily and Rose, with her husband, Harry Goldenblatt.

Davis was spotted on the set of the show’s reboot walking a French bulldog, hinting that her Cavalier King Charles spaniel from the original series, Elizabeth Taylor, will not be making an appearance.

While Parker, Nixon, and Davis are returning to their iconic roles, Kim Cattrall, who played sex-positive publicist Samantha Jones, is not. In an interview with TVLine in February, HBO Max’s chief content officer, Casey Bloys, explained how the show would address Cattrall’s absence.

“Just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave,” Bloys said. “Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life.”

Chris Noth, who played Carrie Bradshaw’s love interest John James Preston, aka Mr. Big, will be returning.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Chris again on ‘And Just Like That…'” executive producer Michael Patrick King said in a statement, The Hollywood Reporter reported in May. “How could we ever do a new chapter of the ‘Sex and the City’ story without our Mr. Big?”

Noth played the role of Carrie’s emotionally unavailable love interest in all six seasons of the original show and in both of the feature films.

Rumors have swirled for weeks about the fate of Mr. and Mrs. Preston after a portion of the show’s script was reported on by Page Six. The leaked pages made it appear as though the couple’s marriage was on the rocks or over entirely.

John Corbett, who played Aidan Shaw, also said he’ll be returning to the series, though he wasn’t spotted on set.

“I’m going to do the show,” Corbett, 59, told Page Six in April. “I think I might be in quite a few [episodes]. I like all those people, they’ve been very nice to me.”

However, despite seemingly confirming he would be in the reboot, Corbett has not been seen on set and was not among the cast listed in HBO Max’s fall line-up announcement.

When Insider spoke with the costume designers for “And Just Like That. ” ahead of the show’s premiere, they were tight-lipped about whether Corbett would actually be returning to the series.

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