This new aeroplane over you can wade droppin’ bombs a little while, But lyin’ on the dug-aside you may be unlucky when you find yourself ‘they

This new aeroplane over you can wade droppin’ bombs a little while, But lyin’ on the dug-aside you may be unlucky when you find yourself ‘they

The fresh new much time trench, bending, turning, wanders wayward as the a good rlver Through the poppy-plant life blooming regarding grasses dewy damp, The fresh new buttercups stay shyly and daisies nod and quiver, In which the vibrant defiant bayonets rim the sandbagged parapet, Throughout the peaceful dawn the fresh trenches keep a danger and you may good chances.

Do not wade around, we do not wade there!

The last light night streamer touches heaven having its fist, This new huge night’s starry legion sends the first lone herald star, Within the bay and you may navigate nothing twilight tones linger And you can incense-stuffed breezes are in crooning out-of afar, To help you where above the sandbags gleam the latest steely fangs of conflict.

All of the nights the brand new frogs wade laugh, every time the newest wild birds is actually singing Throughout the pool beside the new meadow, by street poplar-covered, Worldwide amongst the trenches is actually a million blooms springing ‘Twixt new yard of gold bayonets where the outlines from race cinch Where boy provides manned the brand new trenches into maiming regarding their form.

Into the bloke into the Active Solution, w’en ‘age goes along side ocean, ‘E’s sure to stand-in terror of the things ‘e cannot discover, A great ‘and you may grenade or mortar since it makes one other top Your are able to see an’ ‘ear they comin’, so that you simply methods aside. V’en the brand new breezes fulfills the trenches that have hasfixiatin’ gas, Your throws in your respirator an’ lets the fresh new blogs to pass. W’en you’re facing a feller which have a good bayonet enough time an’ keen, Just ‘ave purchase of your own gun an’ you are able to bore new beggar clean. W’en child and ‘oss is chargin’ your, on your own knee joints your kneel, An’ hook the brand new ‘oss’s breastbone having an inch or two of metal. It’s bound to stop its canter, an’ since the creature ends up New driver pitches submit an’ you connect ‘i’m given that ‘elizabeth drops. It is w’en ‘elizabeth observes ‘is possibility, an’ ‘e understands ‘is actually ways about that a beneficial bloke try damned unlucky if the e’s banged completely aside. However, out on Active Services you can find risks almost everywhere, The shrapnel shell and you will round which comes for you clueless, Brand new saucy little rifle are a perky little housemaid, An’ w’en you’ve got ‘emergency room message you ‘ave over the history parade. The latest five-point-five often look for you escort girl Ontario against certain faraway leafy timber, An’ taps you to the napper an’ you are out of step for good. Regarding gun inside spinney towards the sniper right up a beneficial forest You can find terrors waitin’ Tommy on something ‘age will not select.

Our very own old battalion billets nonetheless, Parades of course carry on, We buckle in that have right a great commonly And you will daily all of our products don Since if we meant to strive, but no! The fresh new weapons is roaring from air, This new trenches contact us toward, however, oh!

In the evening the superstars try glowing brilliant The old industry sound try whispering near, We have heard they if moon was white, And you will London’s streets have been very dear; However, dearer now he’s, sweetheart, The fresh busses running towards String, – However, we’re thus far, yet apart, For each lonely in the a special home.

But, dear, which have sentiment out (The fresh new candle dwindles toward parmesan cheese)* I wish the sea just weren’t very wide When point provides like thoughts since these.

  • The outdated Sweats manner sconces from cheddar.

You to glimpse observe the fresh international sky, That consider note the fresh celebrities o’erhead, Sweet opinion to you, date, and i also Turn in in order to billet barn, and sleep

The newest firefly haunts was indeed lighted yet, As we scaled the top the new parapet; Nevertheless the East expanded soft to another flame, While the our bayonets gleamed by foeman’s wire; And the heavens try tinged that have silver and you may grey, And less than all of our foot this new lifeless men lay, Intense from the cycle-holed barricade; Dining of bomb plus the hands-grenade; Nonetheless on the slushy pond and you can mud – Ah I the path we emerged is a path out-of bloodstream, When we visited Loos was.

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