This weekend is going to be interesting

This weekend is going to be interesting

Only a month ago, I had a dreaded conversation with my 86 year old mother. Told her I don’t recognize my country anymore and pretty soon… time to leave because I’m for the first time in my life ashamed of my country and I’m not sure it’s wise to remain here. (Here’s lookin’ at you, Montana!). Then the truckers rolled, and every weekend since, there are so many Canadians out there rallying and honking and flying flags and setting off fireworks – EVERYWHERE – I see way more flags than on Canada Day. The over-passes are filled with protesters. Many other people are saying the same things as me. There is suddenly a fierce sense of patriotism running through Canada – it fills the chest and brings tears to the eyes. Every century or so, we Canucks get to remind America and the rest of the world that we aren’t ALWAYS boring – and Canada’s not down and out yet. We might be just shifting gears.

Like Canadians, U.S and E.U. patriots are less every year, few young folks learn values and history from parents, much less teachers now days, and live for the present. Even few retirees like me, know what is really going on or agenda 2030 reset plans. We all need real men who will stand up for freedom, for future generations and learn more about the real world. The U.S. is headed into tyranny full throttle, while the majority remain unable to figure things out. Few will listen to the informed anyway.

There is a pattern however, and that is for the Globalists to own about 55 to 60% of the governing party and 1/3 to 40% of the opposition party(s)

The problem is that the globalists also own the leader the New Democrat Party, which ais currently propping up the Liberals, and until recently they also owned the Conservative Leader Erin O’toole, but he was recently removed as leader of the Conservative Party by a 2/3 of the party’s caucus voting to remove him. Going forward, as voters we need to be calling out all politicians who are members of the World Economic Forum or a Klause Schwab stooge. This is a rather large conflict of interest in my mind anyway to being a member of the World Economic Forum or a Young Leader Program Stooge of Klause Schwab.

12 months ago I was diagnosed as having a ‘very’ enlarged prostrate. 6 months ago I started taking ivermectin [anti inflammatory]. A big improvement!

according to the docs greg has interviewed i t ake 36 gm every 5 days = .4gm per 100 lbs… i buy from canadian family pharmacy…. you will pay for it

I have a horse that weighs about 180 pounds.. Yeah.. I got him 2 tubes of ivermectin paste but he’s been healthy throughout all this hysteria. My 2 brothers have horses that got sick and they used ivermectin paste and were back to work in 4 days.. I took Karen Kingston’s advice and got a big jar of Zeolite because wife, SIL and grandson all got the vax- I shared the Zeolite with them.

“43” You got to be careful zeolite does not shut down their kidneys in an overdose. Make sure you get the dosing right. This is what doctors have told me. Greg

We only needed to use 6 each, but at least we have some left over

We got covid couple weeks ago and my wife got ivermectin through America front line doctors. It was expensive like $200 for about 30 pills.

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